In line with the European ambitions to continuously elevate the safety standards in the nuclear domain, PIACE (PASSIVE ISOLATION CONDENSER) project is aimed to address the performances of an innovative Decay Heat Removal system (DHR) based on a passive and self-regulating isolation cooling system (ICS) which utilize not-condensable gases; the underneath simplicity of the concept is a turning key to versatility, easily allowing its implementation to the many different reactor technologies envisaged within the scope of PIACE  with the final goal to deliver a scaled-up conceptual design validated for both currently operating plants (L- and H-WRs) and innovative energy systems (including FRs and ADSs).
The innovative DHR concept is patented by ANSALDO NUCLEARE having the capability of being operated without any energy source supplied, the operation being ensured by physical principles; thus, the system is able to assure a high level of reliability and safety. For all the envisaged reactor technologies, the innovative DHR aims at increasing the ability of the plant, without need for any human intervention, to remain in a safe condition for a longer period of time after an incident or accident.
PIACE project encompasses all the prototyping activities of the passive self-regulated DHR system and will leverage on the results of an experimental scaled facility, SIRIO, used to validate the operating principles of the system. Thanks to PIACE, the innovative ICS concept will advance its technological readiness to level 7, gaining an actual chance to reach the market.
At the conclusion of the project, industry will inherit from research a well-formed package of technical information, incorporating experimental results of prototypical operation of the system, meant for direct application to engineering the design. The engagement of vendors and utilities throughout the project will ensure the activities are fully oriented to turning the innovative concept into a product.