The ultimate goal of the PIACE project is the finalization of specific designs of the innovative Isolation Condenser System (ICS) concept, ready for industrial implementation on several reactor technologies ranging from currently operating plants (light and heavy water reactors) to innovative energy systems (including fast Fast Reactors – FRs and Accelerator Driven Systems – ADSs); the Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) will benefit from this innovation in terms of enhanced safety performances and plant robustness.
The achievement of this general objective is articulated into a set of practical objectives, each referring to a stage and a specific activity of the project:

  • Evolution of the concept into effective designs;
  • Demonstration of concrete feasibility;
  • Validation of industrial design codes;
  • Definition of an exploitable technical product.

PIACE will significantly contribute to materializing the ambition of continuously elevating the safety standards in the nuclear domain, by directly and extensively addressing a number of activities that are typical of the so called “valley of death”: the stage, in the process of concept development from idea to the market, where research falls short and industry is still reluctant to take the lead.